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Cooperative Brachytherapy

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Technological Innovation

Lead partner

University of Lille: Sciences and Technologies





Project budget

3 801 252

ERDF amount

2 280 751

ERDF rate



    Common challenge

    The common challenge concerned by CoBra project is related to the cancer control plan. 
    The CoBra project is interested on technological innovation for diagnosis and treatment of localised cancers able to enhance the quality of life for patient and reduce the cancer mortality.

    Main Achievements

    During 2019, the CoBra project progressed well on the development of the concept of the MR-robot for the biopsy and brachytherapy, with respect to the initial workplan.

    After a first year (2018), intended to develop requirements and specifications on CoBra innovation, in partnership with industrials (intra or extra to the consortium), we began in 2019, the collaborative development of the concept. Clinical and scientific expertise have been provided by the clinical partners (NHS Portsmouth-PP9, Centre Oscar Lambret-PP2) to advice and commentary on developments across the project. These are discussed during the periodic technical meeting, organized by the LP every two weeks, on Friday at 12:00 AM. From technical point of view, multiple progresses have been reached, where a set up of automatic biopsy system that is able to take and automatically store up to 6 specimens has been developed by Demcon (PP6-PP10). The integration to a final prototype, coupled to the robot is under-discussion with the LP for 2020. Also, a steerable needle prototype has been designed by TU Delft-PP3 and tested in MR conditions at the regional Hospital in Lille, with the presence of the trajectory-planning algorithm developed by U. Portsmouth-PP4. A prototype of LDR-seeds delivery has been developed by UdLille (LP) and operated under MRI, due to a strong cooperation with Bebig company (new project observer). An MRI device model has been acquired by the LP, a part of the output 1 related to Common Diagnosis and Treatment Platform. Finally, preparation of MR images for the dose calculation in case of cancer treatment has been developed by PP2. 

    To describe the brachytherapy clinical practices, technologies and needs for prostate cancer care inside and outside the 2 seas Programme area, a questionnaire has been realized by EURASANTE (PP5) and sent to clinicians of cancer centres inside and outside the 2 seas region. In terms of intellectual property, a strategy for the project deliverables has been studied by SATT-Nord (PP7). Concerning the dissemination of the project results, project partners participated to various events within the UK and the continent and the organisation of CoBra Workshop during MEDFIT event in Lille. 



    Centre Oscar Lambret

    Delft University of Technology

    University of Portsmouth


    DEMCON Advanced Mechatronics West B.V.

    Technological Transfer Office North of France

    Veterinary, Oncology Centre Oncovet

    Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust

    Demcon Advanced Mechatronics B.V.