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Diabetes and WELLbeing

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Social Innovation

Lead partner

The Health and Europe Centre





Project budget

3 211 641

ERDF amount

1 926 984

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    Common challenge

    Diabetes is a long term non communicable disease of huge societal & economic concern not just a clinical issue. Type 2 diabetes (90% of those with the disease) is acquired in later life & can be successfully controlled through healthy lifestyle choices. In 2012, approx 32m people in the EU had diabetes. On average 10% of state healthcare expenditure is on treating it & related complications. Research shows that intensive self-management is required with currently no standard approach. Initiatives to increase effective, low cost self-management are essential to the sustainability of treatment.

    Main Achievements

    DWELL is a holistic programme encouraging & motivating patients with Type2 Diabetes to manage their condition better. The DWELL partners have worked together to design and develop the DWELL 12 week patient support programme, staff training programme and support tools. 2018 has seen the implementation of the above. The DWELL 12 week programme has had 183 people participate and initial results are very positive.

    The staff training programme consists of five modules: The DWELL approach, Understanding Diabetes - common language, Facilitation skills, Motivational interviewing and Evaluation tools. As DWELL is a holistic programme, it does require a change in thinking of the way to treat type 2 diabetes. The staff training programme has a broader delivery strategy than initially thought & 3 groups have been identified to receive training:
    1) those delivering the 12 week programme
    2) professionals who could refer patients to DWELL
    3) students in training (eg nurses)
    85 staff from the above groups have received training.

    The support tools are now available in most delivery sites:
    - a directory lists over 300 entries that includes local support, groups and activities which contribute to a healthier way of living, empowering the individual to make lifestyle changes.
    - an online support tool which contains the directory, diabetes education, healthy recipes, health and wellbeing apps, and a community section to encourage 'chat' between DWELL participants.
    - Patient Ambassadors: These are people that have been through the DWELL programme and want to provide first hand experience of their DWELL journey to new cohorts. They also spread the word about DWELL within their local communities. Those that have already been recruited are very enthusiastic and passionate about DWELL. They have already started to form support groups.

    The first cross border Ambassador network meeting took place in November 2018. It was the opportunity for the English and French ambassadors to come together to exchange their experiences and hear first hand how DWELL has impacted their lives. The event was a great success and language was certainly not a barrier. Another is planned for May 2019 in the Netherlands.

    Two round table events have also taken place with positive feedback. These events have started to engage the local stakeholders who are now monitoring DWELL closely and eagerly await the first set of published results!



    Blackthorn Trust


    Kinetic Analysis

    Medway Community Healthcare CIC

    Kent County Council

    Canterbury Christ Church University

    Centre Hospitalier de Douai


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    Cross border staff training programme to deliver patient support programme

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