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BA2C Europe / Latin America

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PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Focused on developing projects (from Ideation to Realization) in the following areas: • Fertilizers; • Circular & (petro)chemicals; • (Renewable) energy; • (Agricultural & municipal) waste-to-valuable-products projects. Our project development activities are: • Ideation & (pre-)feasibility studies; • Financial and CO2 emission modelling; • Structuring finance & partnerships between technology licensors, EPC contractors, financers; • Project management and Project Management Consulting roles to realize plants. Our geographic focus is on Europe, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia. TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT BA2C Europe / Latin America works with technology licensors, operators and science institutes (like universities, TNO / ECN) to collaborate in technology and innovation development projects (for instance EU-H2020 or EU INTERREG). Goal: commercialization new clean energy and sustainable chemical technologies. COMBINATION PROJECT DEVELOPMENT & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT Deploy new technologies in new chemical plants or existing chemical industrial complexes. Integrate energy/petrochemical/fertilizer activities to improve business case for all parties. For instance, this is what we would like to do in the Avantium projects. At this moment we are contracted for the following assignments (selection): • TNO/VoltaChem: BA2C Europe / Latin America is setting up collaborations between TNO & Commercial Companies to develop new Power2Chemicals technologies that reduce CO2 emission for the chemical industry; (presentation attached); • Petrochemical project in Mexico to integrate industrial activities in such a way that huge (planned) investments won't be necessary, that will improve competitiveness of Mexican energy, petrochemical & fertilizer industry which emits less CO2 and will comply with Paris Climate Accord; • Develop projects to create valuable products from (agricultural & municipal) waste like renewable energy, bio-based plastics. hydrogen, syngas, industrial heat etc. in Latin America. Additional benefit is that waste won't be dumped in rivers and landfills.

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BA2C Europe / Latin America is experienced in setting up projects for Interreg as well as H2020. We especially focus on organizing consortia and management the application and project management/coordination for innovative projects with regard to carbon reduction, climate change and technology development

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