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Adaptation to Climate Change

Technological innovation

Efficient use of resources and materials


Garsy is a Belgian design and manufacturing company of innovative landscaping products. Our products are being used to help contractors, architects, planners and consultants overcome planing and design restrictions and provide them with new options regarding the use of greenery in urban environments. By integrating green and blue infrastructure we strive to create more liveable and climate resilient cities.

Aanmaakdatum : 01/03/2018

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Ambachtsstraat 34
2390 Malle

Arr. Antwerpen

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In order to measure and evaluate the full potential of integrated Green-Blue solutions we are looking for partners to setup trial Green-Blue projects. We aim to provide disruptive solutions to urban development by integrating large rainwater systems (SUDs) with green infrastructure, creating large scale benefits for both public and private stakeholders.

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