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Hauts-de-France Automotive Cluster

Framework conditions for innovation

Framework conditions for innovation


The Hauts-de-France Automotive Cluster is a regional cluster representing the 1st Automotive region in France: Hauts-de-France. In numbers it represents: 7 production sites (Renault, PSA, Toyota) 55000 people working in the Automotive Industry 450 Automotive companies The cluster consists of 180 members: OEMs, SMEs (80%), Research Institutes. Actions are led toward 5 objectives : - Develop a Regional common Strategy - Strenghten the Hauts-de-France’s attractivity - Develop Research and Innovation projects - Bring together the economic and academic actors - Develop the automotive sector with multiples projects These objectives are realised in 5 fields: - Competitivity - Employment and formation - Financing - Innovation - Internationalisation The cluster is connected with the Regional Automotive association, linked with other french regions through the National Automotive Platform and member of several european networks.

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Hauts-de-France Automotive Cluster

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Business support organisation

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We would like to collaborate on a project on dissemination of the innovation process, particularily in SMEs as it is very difficult for the Automotive SMEs to develop project because of a lack of innovation culture and/or tools

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Experience in INTERREG project?