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La Condition Publique

Social innovation


Founded in 2004, “la Condition Publique” as a public cultural centre implanted in a former industrial site is an experimental project, a place for producing and promoting innovative solutions in culture with the following commitments: creating a cluster of actors in social and cultural innovation, searching for economically sustainable projects, promoting cultural diversity, developing projects with the inhabitants. La Condition Publique is an incubator for start-ups in the cultural sector (design, photographs, architects, labels…), shows performing arts, exhibitions, organizes artistes residencies, seminars, participative projects, youth projects. La Condition Publique is located in a district with huge social problems, categorized as "priority" by the french state, with a high rate of unemployment and poverty (+ 10% compared to the national average). Co-design of cultural projects with multiples partners: the inhabitants living in the neighbourhood, the social centres, designers, enterprises, associations, the local authorities, … and in this way promotion of participatory democracy in a district with huge social problems. Valorisation of industrial heritage and promotion of contemporary creation: in order to create a large cultural ecosystem, including economic, social and environmental aspects. This cultural ecosystem provides the possibility to everyone at every age to develop his expressive capacities and to participate to the community project. Thinking about public space as cultural space. The projects of “la Condition Publique” aim to invest the public space, to transform it, to give access to it, to share it with all the inhabitants.

Aanmaakdatum : 02/06/2016

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La Condition Publique

14 place Faidherbe
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We strongly believe that culture can aid the fight against poverty and strengthen communities. Culture effectively contributes to policies, strategies and programs targeting inclusive social and economic development, environmental sustainability, peace and security. Culture is both a driver and an enabler of sustainable development. It is the engine of many development processes and it has an impact on entrepreneurship, new technologies and tourism. Culture brings creativity and innovation to the economy.“La Condition Publique” has a certain responsibility for its neighborhoods in extreme social difficulties and wants therefor to develop new strategies of crossover and transdisciplinary projects linking culture and social concerns. Today we are especially interested in finding a way to reanimate the neighborhood around the Condition Publique. A lot of buildings are empty and fall into ruin. The bars and corner shops close one after the other. In cooperation with a business school and an university of Design and Fine arts we would like to support the still existing stores and find innovative solutions for the abandoned ones (neighborhood café, artist workshop, etc.). But we are open for every social innovation project in which cultural concerns could play a role.

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