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Municipality of Leiden

Low-Carbon technologies

Adaptation to Climate Change

Circular economy


The municipality of Leiden is looking for committed partners in order to submit an application for the final call of the Interreg2seas fund for the axis “low carbon technologies”, "adaptation to climate change" and/or "circular economy". Interested partners within the programme area, such as public authorities, SME’s or higher education and research institutions are invited to contact the municipality of Leiden (see below) in order to explore whether a successful cross-border cooperation on the following project idea can be achieved.

Aanmaakdatum : 11/01/2018

Bloc onglets

Bloc 1


Municipality of Leiden

Stadhuisplein 1
2311 EJ Leiden

Agglomeratie Leiden en Bollenstreek

Bloc 2

Type of actor

Local public authority

Bloc 3

Interest to cooperate

Given the ambitious goals that the municipality of Leiden set for sustainability, cross-border cooperation on themes relating to sustainability is highly desirable.

Bloc 4

Experience in INTERREG project?


Bloc 5


E.g. SPONGE2020