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PortExpertise is an independent business consultancy for maritime and port professionals. Partners with more than 20 years of experience in maritime/port issues. Network of niche international experts with focus on financing, legal matters, market research/ audits, insurance, claims, ict, customs, training, and market communication. Research assignments and project management for more than 300 port and terminal projects worldwide. Agents in Europe, Middle-East and Asia. Active in Worldbank and EU projects worldwide, advising on EU logistics projects, and assist the big five consultancy firms in port related projects. Our approach We combine traditional project methodology with in-depth knowledge of port and terminals related projects. We provide tailor-made solutions on very diverse topics, always having maritime ports as an important link. We give relevant and no nonsense answers on questions on strategic up to operational matters, from financial issues over commercial to safety and security related concerns. We always exceed our clients’ expectations providing full, transparent and realistic reporting and recommendations setting achievable targets, a clear feasibility plan, a detailed business plan and down to earth implementation plan. We support you with a single person of contact, offer a customized approach and a aim for a strong, long term partnership.

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As 100% port and logistics expert, we assist in transforming the project concept into a submitted proposal. Our experts do not only assist, but participate actively in the project as Subject Matter Experts, and/or as project leads. As such we are fully engaged in Intermodal transport projects, River Information Services, Rail2Shift programs, Maritime shipping, Port Logistics, and gateway concepts. Digitization, both on B2B and B2G are currently major topics

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We assisted various clients on projects, and reviewed previous Interreg actions.