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The platform is essentially a means to connect demand for life enablement by a specific demographic of people, with a supply of subscribers (members) idle time and desire to be enablers. The primary target demographic is the aging population who are either autonomous or semi-autonomous. Whereas this type of life enablement has typically been viewed through the lens of either volunteers or health care professionals, we regard this as an open market of individuals (members / subscribers) who have a desire to serve the target population and have a certain percent of idle time that they would like to devote for this service.

Aanmaakdatum : 06/02/2017

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We are seeking partners to collaborate on different fronts: 1) AUTHORITY a. To drive knowledge, efficiency, and impact in the silver economy b. To increase the scope and role SMEs in driving the sharing economy c. To increase community assisted self management through efficacious use of technological platforms 2) ACADEMIA a. To understand the social impact of life enablement technology for the aging population b. To perform a longitudinal analysis on the social impact of life enablement platforms c. To create a reward structure based on typology and perspective of support giver / receiver 3) REGIONS AND COMMUNITIES a. Co-creating and testing the technological platform with regional / community users b. Finding ways to complement public service care with life enablement care, based on the platform c. Promoting community assisted self management principles through the platform

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We are very interested to learn from previous INTERREG projects to see how we can provide support to communities and regions in their search for optimising healthcare and wellness spend through the more active use of community assisted self management (CASMA).