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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Social Innovation


City of Mechelen

Lead partner



Project budget

4 976 262

ERDF amount

2 985 757

ERDF rate






Common challenge

VRAC aims to reduce the risk of school delay and early school leaving for vulnerable children. As they cannot identify with the formal middle class education culture, vulnerable children and families lack a ‘sense of belonging’ in the education system. Parental involvement is low and education professionals do not have the skills nor tools to tackle these problems. If any, they perform stand-alone interventions aimed at particular aspects of children's lives.

Schools are traditionally perceived by society as the predominant actor in succesful school attainment. This results in a lack of institutional support for cross-sectoral cooperation. Previous efforts to cooperate include relocating leisure activities within a school environment and hosting separate projects by third sector organizations. But these initiatives are not interconnected, lack a pipeline approach and do not seem to have any durable effects. VRAC will develop a crosssectoral service that strengthens school attainment.