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07 juil 2020

E2C Project Stakeholder Event

What to expect:

  • A presentation on the expected outcomes of the project and why they are important for the regions
  • ...
30 juin 2020

BISEPS @ EU Sustainable Energy week

All over Europe SMEs have untapped potential for clean energy. Yet SMEs were often hard to engage and have limited resources and/or knowledge to...

25 juin 2020


In a time of global disruption, meet the innovators from the 2020 Rotterdam cohort that are ahead of the curve with their groundbreaking...

19 juin 2020

Social Innovation In The Energy Transition – A Book With Seven Seals (Webinar)

The energy sector has many solutions available for a sustainable energy transition. However, these solutions are mainly technical. Social and...

11 juin 2020

SCIFI Webinar - Best Practices on City Dashboards

City dashboards have become a common smart city technology, emerging as a key mean of monitoring urban metrics as well as services and policy...

22 avr 2020

BIOBOOST Closing Event

The closing event of BioBoost will focus on exploiting horticultural residues for new applications, such as the making of textile from tomato...

21 avr 2020

ISE Closing Event

ISE has enabled small businesses from Kent, Hauts-de-France, East & West Flanders and the SW of the Netherlands to connect to each other over...

02 avr 2020


On the 2nd April 2020, DERMA will host a celebratory public dissemination event at the Blue Reef Aquarium, Portsmouth. This event will showcase...

24 Mar 2020

ISE Innovation Conference

The ISE Project is organising an inspiration conference on Innovation with some world leading companies sharing their stories and tips.


20 Mar 2020

PECS | It's a long way to zero emission ports

This event will showcase tools developed within the PECS project and will demonstrate the Belgian project pilots, situated in Ostend.

19 Mar 2020

SAIL Congress

Closing congress of the Interreg project SAIL. Results of the project will be discussed and visitors will get an impression of the pilot



29 avr 2020 - 30 avr 2020

SUMARiS Final Event - Sustainable of Rays and Skates Management

At the SUMARiS Final Event, the participants will discuss management options for ray and skate fisheries in the Channel and the North Sea.