SHIFFT - De Blikken gas-free demonstration pilot | 2 Mers Seas Zeeën

SHIFFT - De Blikken gas-free demonstration pilot

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SHIFFT - De Blikken gas-free demonstration pilot

In a society becoming more and more aware of resource scarcity and the energy crisis, the SHIFFT project is playing its part by stimulating the adoption of low-carbon heating technology in existing residential and community buildings. Look at this video to discover more about their De Blikken pilot, a community and sports centre situated in Arnemuiden, near Middleburg (NL). In this 5500-resident village, De Blikken plays a crucial role in organising health activities and providing spaces for meetings and socialising. Thanks to the installation of lightweight solar panels, heat pumps, innovative insulation and LED lighting, they were able to deliver a 100% gas-free building (reduction of 13.700m3 gas/year). Moreover, it sets a great example for upgrading a large number of this type of throughout the country to a more fossil free and sustainable design.

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