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Alternative FRESH water resources for saline Coastal Areas

Priority Axis

Resource Efficient Economy

Specific objective

Efficient Use of Resources and Materials

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5 621 915

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2 958 041

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    Common challenge

    The FRESH4Cs project focusses on the second Europe 2020 priority of sustainable growth, by demonstrating the provision of alternative and sustainable fresh water resources for lowland coastal regions. Traditional water resources are under pressure in the 2 seas region, and this problem is even more prominent in lowland coastal regions due to salinization of (near) surface waters. These same coastal lowlands drain vast amounts of water towards the sea at moments of water surplus (seasonal). Where water consumption has often been reduced to economic feasible levels, a second step in efficient water resource management is providing alternative and more sustainable resources, which is the focus of this project. We will do this by the efficient use of the fresh water resources that are now drained to the sea.



    Suffolk County Council

    HZ University of Applied Sciences

    Intercommunale Waterleidingsmaatschappij

    Vlaamse Land Maatschappij

    Felixstowe HydroCycle Ltd

    University of East Anglia Name

    Dow Benelux bv

    Environment Agency

    Lamb Weston / Meijer vof