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Implementation of Ship Hybridisation

Priority Axis

Low Carbon Technologies

Specific objective

Low Carbon Technologies

Lead partner

Autonoom Gemeentebedrijf Haven Oostende


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Project budget

15 984 447

ERDF amount

9 206 068

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    Common challenge

    Shipping industry and suppliers must invest in low carbon propulsion systems, but facing a number of market failures, as:

    • Vessels have long operational lifetimes (30–40 years), so little incentive to retrofit or replace
    • Number of new built ships per year is low, so ROI in innovative systems for shipbuilders is low
    • Limited faith and knowledge in effectiveness of alternative propulsion technologies
    • Alternative fuelling infrastructures in ports are limited
    • Regulation, security and certification haven’t been clarified
    • Market control of traditional oil/gas companies, protecting traditional fuel systems

    To tackle barriers, challenges are:

    • To demonstrate the effectiveness of low-carbon propulsion technologies in different types of vessels
    • To demonstrate the feasibility of H2 bunkering facilities in ports
    • To develop tools/methods which demonstrate and support the transition to low-carbon propulsion systems for new built vessels and by retrofitting

    Main Achievements

    ISHY has made a good start in the first period of the project. All start-up documents have been delivered in time, the project/process management works well and some communication activities are realized (start conference, posters, press releases). Regarding financial management we had some delay, because we need to prepare a major modification first (because of requirements in the notification letter). This delay is solved by an overal 2019 claim in January 2020. In the communication we have some delays (see WP7).

    Knowledge Partners have made good progress with their research activities in WP1. Pilot partners have given input regarding operational profiles and D.1.1.1 (for O1) is ready. Also the mathematical tools for control (for O2) is ready. The same goes for the 2019-deliverables to develop a toolbox for retrofit and new build vessels of low carbon propulsion technologies (O3). The Terms of References document for Hazard Identification (O4) and the basic model for bunkering facilities (O5) are ready. 

    In WP2 research has taken place about hydrodynamic resistance of the pilot vessels (O6). The methods are ready and some, but not all testings have taken place. Also the conceptual design of the fuel cell power module (D.2.5.1 as part of O8) is ready.

    Preparations for retrofitting vessels and new build vessels have started. Hybrid Marine (PP10) for O9 and YES/Vera Cruz (PP9/PP14) for O10, are almost on track. Most of their deliverables are part of this APR. In the cases of GeoAqua (PP8, O11) and Zivermeeuw (PP5, O12) there is some delay. It takes more time (more design decisions) to start from scratch than retrofitting existing vessels. They both have delivered (draft) reports. As management team we are fully aware of their situation, put some pressure on their work and help them as much as possible. The last output (O13) about the bunkering facility of Parkwind (PP15), has also some delay in their preparational works (D.5.1.1-3 and D.5.2.1). To solve this problem they have assigned an external company to help them to get back on track.

    The cross-border cooperation proceeds well after a short period of getting used to each other. Knowledge partners have collaborated well on the development of tools and methods and pilot partners contributed there where needed. In the other way around, knowledge partners have supported the pilot partners with the preparational works. All partners make good contributions to meetings, workshops and other events.



    NV Economische Impuls Zeeland

    Solent University


    Rondvaartbedrijf Zilvermeeuw bv

    Technische Universiteit Delft

    Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France

    GEO Aqua

    Yerseke Engine Services

    Hybrid Marine Ltd BV


    Katholieke Hogeschool Vives Zuid

    Vera Cruz Shipping bvba