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Specific Objectives

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The Interreg 2 Seas strategy is based upon four Programme Priority Axes, which in turn are broken down into seven Specific Objectives. Both elements are Programme-specific but are consistent with the chosen thematic objectives and investment priorities as defined in the EU Regulations.

Framework conditions for innovation

With this Specific Objective, Programme authorities seek to improve the framework...

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Technological innovation

The 2 Seas area has a great potential for innovation and for technology transfer, with...

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Social Innovation

The Programme wishes to promote social innovation applications to tackle the...

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Low-Carbon Technologies

Increasing the adoption of low-carbon technologies and applications is useful to...

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Adaptation to Climate Change

Increasing the ecosystem-based adaptation capacity to climate change and associated...

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Efficient Use of Resources and Materials

Achieving an increased adoption of new solutions for a more resource-efficient economy...

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Circular Economy

Achieving an increased adoption of new solutions for a circular economy requires the...

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