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Monitoring Committee

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The Monitoring Committee gathers representatives of each Member State implicated in the Programme and is chaired jointly by the Managing Authority and the delegates of the Member States. It is responsible for the monitoring and strategic direction of the Programme as well as for evaluating and approving projects.


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The Monitoring Committee meets on a regular basis, at least twice a year and makes all decisions by consensus. It is the central decision-making body for the Programme. For example, it approves 2 Seas projects, decides to launch new Calls for Proposals, regularly verifies projects’ progress and monitors their budgets, makes all the decisions required to implement the programme, etc.


The MC may meet in a smaller group from the four national delegations on an ad hoc basis to discuss about specific issues impacting the Programme at strategic level. These strategic taskforces make proposals for the approval of the Monitoring Committee in areas as for instances recommendations on Concept Notes, Evaluation, or actions to ensure compliance with the Performance Framework.

Monitoring Committee