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Social Innovation

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The Programme wishes to promote social innovation applications to tackle the challenges related to (youth) unemployment, poverty and social exclusion. The change will benefit all the stakeholders of social and local services. Public stakeholders which are in charge of developing and delivering social innovation and welfare policies, business sector organisations, chambers of commerce, research centres, and more generally the civil society will be among the beneficiaries to deliver this Specific Objective.


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Bloc 1

Expected Results

The development of social innovation applications will lead to an increased capacity in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of local services to address the following key societal challenges in the 2 Seas area:

  • Health, demographic change and well-being;
  • Europe in a changing world – inclusive, innovative and reflective societies;
  • Secure societies – protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens.

The Programme seeks to contribute to develop social innovation applications by:

  • exploiting and adopting the results of research;
  • promoting a closer, more effective and operational cooperation between the third sector and social enterprises, private and public sector.

Before applying under this Specific Objective, you should be well aware of what social innovation is (‘classical’ social inclusion projects will not be supported). You can read more about social innovation in the DG REGIO publication: “Guide to Social Innovation”, which is available for download below.

SO 1.3 Social Innovation
Bloc 2
1.3 - Social Innovation

Examples of actions

  • Development of pilot actions for the use of social innovation platforms and observatories (e.g. Social Innovation Europe Initiative)
  • Adoption of new joint solutions based on research to deliver innovative social services
  • Prepare for investments for the joint economic exploitation of new ideas of products, services and processes
  • Investments in small-scale physical infrastructure (e.g. equipment) or e-infrastructure related to social innovation deriving from a preparation stage jointly designed and carried out by cross-border partnerships

This list is not exhaustive.