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Communicate your project

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Communication is important not only because all projects need to inform people about EU funds and how they are spent. It is also important that you raise awareness by explaining what you do and how your project helps citizens and regions. Disseminating your project outputs also helps you to guarantee the durability of the project's results. Inspire others by presenting results you have achieved by crossborder cooperation! 

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Work Package

All communication actions to be taken by projects should be described in the Work Package communication, as a part of the Application Form. You have to consider not only the measures to be taken, but you should also reflect on the communication objectives, target groups and their needs, concrete actions as well as the related budget.


Fact sheet 14 of the Programme Manual contains all relevant information regarding project communication. You will find all requirements, guidance and best practice in this document. The Interreg 2 Seas Programme foresees a set of tools to help partners communicating their projects. In the below documentation centre you will find all of the instruments needed.

Communicate your project
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Find support

The Joint Secretariat and its communication officer are happy to assist you with communicating your projects. Keep the secretariat updated with your project news, and receive extra coverage through the Programme’s communication channels such as the website, newsletter and social media.