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Framework conditions for innovation

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With this Specific Objective, Programme authorities seek to improve the framework conditions for the delivery of innovation, in relation to smart specialisation. The Programme wishes to increase the capacities of 2 Seas stakeholders for technology transfer and for the development of clusters. It also aims at increasing the capacities of innovative companies to engage in international activities. Improved framework conditions are envisaged to benefit the key stakeholders of the innovation chain across the 2 Seas area in charge of developing and delivering innovation, in relation to smart specialisation.



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Bloc 1

Expected Results

The improvement of framework conditions for delivering innovation is necessary to tackle the following challenges: increasing global competition, diminishing public resources and the risk of brain drain.

The Programme will contribute to reinforcing the framework conditions for delivering innovation by:

  • stimulating the cooperation of public and private stakeholders, civil society and research entities according to the “quadruple helix” paradigm;
  • introducing and adopting common approaches, collaboration arrangements, joint structures and policy tools supporting capacity for delivering innovation.

A key element to demonstrate in your project application is the contribution to the development and/or implementation of smart specialisation strategies.

SO 1.1 Framework Conditions for Innovation
Bloc 2
1.1 - Framework Conditions for Innovation

Examples of actions

  • Formulation of common development strategies and joint policy action plans to support the innovation capacity of stakeholders.
  • Establishment of new cross-border networks and platforms bringing together clusters (promotion of inter-clustering) or groupings of centres of excellence, higher education institutions, SMEs and the civil society (quadruple helix), in particular on maritime-oriented issues.
  • Establishment of joint tools/services to improve framework conditions for delivering all forms of innovation at cross-border scale.
  • Establishment of joint funding scheme, joint crowd funding, etc. aiming at promoting any form of innovation within the area.
  • Establishment of pilot actions linking capabilities of several facilities by networking the partners of the quadruple helix.
  • Development of support actions to SMEs to engage in innovation leading to increased activity on international markets.

This list is not exhaustive.