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Perinatal Mental Health

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Social Innovation

Lead partner

The Health and Europe Centre

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8 537 957

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5 122 774

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    Common challenge

    Across the 2seas area 10-20% of women suffer from Perinatal Mental Illnesses (PMI): mental illness following birth & up to a year after: around 90% of them will not receive the support they need. 1 very common PMI is postnatal depression which has a cost of approx €74K to society related to the impact on both mother & child. The first 3 years of a child’s life are critical for attachment to parents, which lays the foundations for social & emotional development. Without this a child has decreased life chances & does not reach its full academic attainment potential. Currently severe PMI is treated well but the majority is mild to moderate & transitory in nature with no comprehensive, mainstream provision to prepare/support parents. Mums suffer from the fear of their baby being taken away so are reluctant to seek support. PATH addresses the challenge of preventing/supporting PMI providing a modern inclusive health infrastructure to improve perinatal experience & attachment in new families.



    Plymouth And District Mind

    Southampton City Council

    Odisee University College

    Kent County Council

    Institute of Health Visiting

    Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust

    Hospital Centre of Douai

    Antwerp University of Applied Sciences

    Bournemouth University

    Attachment in Development

    Maasstad Hospital

    Antwerp University Hospital