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Mobiel 21

Low-Carbon technologies

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Mobiel 21 is an organisation for sustainable mobility. We want to help build a living environment that is accessible and liveable in a nature-friendly and safe way. Mobiel 21 inspires and activates people, groups, organisations and governments to thoughtfully consider their means of transport and transport habits. Our work adresses user-oriented mobility solutions based on action-based research.

Creation date: 20/07/2016

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Mobiel 21

Vital De Costerstraat 67
Kasteellaan 349a (9000 Gent)
3000 Leuven


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Type of actor

Interest groups including NGOs

Bloc 3

Interest to cooperate

sustainable mobility, mobility poverty, mobility management, cycling culture, changing behaviours campaigns, innovative tools like apps, gamification and digital maps, mobility education and trainings , exchange of good practices on sustainable mobility (capitalising knowledge)

Bloc 4

Experience in INTERREG project?


Bloc 5


We had recently promising results and enriching partnerships with the Interreg projects NISTO and Eco2Mobility and are busy promoting cycle high ways within the CHIPS project.