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Parlangi. Connecting generations. For better learning and living.

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Social innovation


Parlangi connects people regardless of age, language, country and culture in order to learn and socialize. People who are eager to learn (languages) can connect with seniors across Europe via the Parlangi platform and have a video conversation. Parlangi innovates learning and facilitates social contact.

Creation date: 26/02/2018

Bloc onglets

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Overall objective

Our objective: connecting (young) people with seniors to innovate learning (languages) and facilitate social contact.

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Parlangi delivers a platform where people from all over Europe can meet and start video chatting with seniors. The tangible and concrete outputs: - Learning (languages) will be much more efficient (and fun). - People will have more respect for other generations and cultures. - Seniors will have more social contact and thereby live longer and healthier. (As shown by Susan Pinker in her book 'The Village Effect - How Face-To-Face Contact Can Make Us Healthier and Happier' or you can watch her TEDtalk.) - Seniors will have a meaningful part in education and society.

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Expected result

We want to change the way people learn (languages). It is more than often the case that learning is considered to take place in a class room, but we believe that learning primordially happens by interaction and in a natural way. We believe that there is an enormous welth of knowledge and experience with seniors, that is not being used to its full extent. Seniors can make a big contribution and difference in education. An enormous plus is that by connecting 'learners' with 'learning parents' the seniors will have more social contact, wich happens to be the defining element of a longer and healthier life.

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Cross-border added-value

Parlangi connects people from all over Europe to create a European learning network. At first it will be focused on language learning, but it will soon grow and develop into a learning tool in general with great social benefits for Europeans.