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Sustainable houses in an inclusive Neighbourhood

Priority Axis

Low Carbon Technologies

Specific objective

Low Carbon Technologies

Lead partner

Intercommunale Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij voor de Kempen (IOK)


Start Date


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Project budget

7 066 533

ERDF amount

4 239 920

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    Common challenge

    The challenges facing all partners include: increasing energy use, fluctuating prices, fuel poverty, energy security and finite resources, threats to our environment and community resilience. These are issues that cross borders and therefore require a joint approach. In addition, since the partners share similar maritime climates and housing stock profiles, there are synergies and benefits in sharing solutions. Residential dwellings are a major part in our GHG emissions, so major reductions are possible by retrofitting homes and directly engaging with communities to reduce their energy usage.

    Main Achievements

    Shine focuses on district renovations with a bottom-up approach. Two kind of district renovations are involved: districts with dwellings in private ownership and districts in property of PP. The involvement of the residents is crucial for the success of the renovations. In these first two years PP have focused on setting up participation processess (e.g. meetings with district stakeholders, digital/face to face platforms, mobile infomation stands to persuade the residents) in order to convince residents of the benefits of renovations. Furthermore, PP help the residents to get small and medium scaled energy savings. A network of volunteers, trained to become an energy expert, was set up and broadened. 668 residents already received energy advice. 655 energy kits, monitoring systems and smart meters are purchased, distributed and installed. These tools will help the energy experts and residents to lower their energy use. New and approved methods can be tested in the next period. At the end of Shine PP can disseminate a method with different kind of tools with an instruction of which tools work the best in which kind of district.

    In the districts with private ownership PP started in 5 districts with carrying out self-scans and energy audits. 129 owners that want to renovate their house towards the NZE-level have got their first assistant meeting. The number of registration for this part is much higher than expected. 55 owners that are renovating their house towards NZE-level have got an assistant meeting during the renovation. 
    In the districts where PP own the dwellings, all PP have done technical screenings and are renovating or have planned renovations works for the next period. Already 171 dwellings are renovated: Adamy (2), Faidherbe (14), St Leonards (101), Brighton and Hove (54). 

    PP believe the cross border cooperation in Shine is an enormous added value for the project. Experiences, problems, tips and tricks have been exchanged between partner via various channels: during partner meetings, via Skype, via Basecamp, via telephone calls and via the building challenges webpage on the Shine website.



    City of Sint-Niklaas

    Thomas More Kempen vzw

    OCMW Ieper

    Brighton & Hove City Council

    Hastings Borough Council

    Habitat du Littoral

    Kamp C

    Zonnige Kempen

    Association pour la Recherche et le Développement de Méthodes et Processus Industriels (ARMINES)


    Citizens Advice 1066


    Parc naturel regional des Caps et Marais d’Opale