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Electrons to high value Chemical products

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Technological Innovation

Lead partner

Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research

Start Date


End Date


Project budget

7 184 812

ERDF amount

4 310 887

ERDF rate



    Common challenge

    The coastal areas of the 2 Seas region combine (future) availability of renewable energy with strong industrial activity. This leads to the common challenge of handling renewable energy surpluses, diversifying feedstocks in the chemical industry, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in energy intensive industry, and meeting societal and regulatory demands on advanced fuels and sustainable chemicals. "Power-to-X” concepts, using (renewable) electricity as a replacement for oil and gas energy sources in the production of chemical products, allow for the combination of a solution to these challenges with the creation of valuable products. However, several technical and economic hurdles still need to be overcome. These are related to the cost of renewable hydrogen, the technological immaturity of novel electrochemical processes, and the need for demonstrators and business case calculations to convince industry to invest in further development and implementation of these technologies. 

    Main Achievements

    The E2C project is about to reach halfway point. The first half of the project has seen exciting technology development from improved electrodes to new electrolytes to innovative reactor concepts that will allow for accelerated implementation of Power-to-X technologies. These achievements have been a result of good cooperation between the project partners where a lot of idea and material exchange have taken place.  Until now different types of catalysts, electrolytes and electrode systems were synthesized and tested both for the direct and indirect route of CO2 utilisation. Major components of the elecrolysis systems were developed. Novel processes of synthesis and in situ separation of formate, formic acid and DME have been investigated.  Bench-scale  demonstrations are almost ready as planned and  the tendering process for the  construction of the direct and indirect route pilots is  going on.

    The second half of the project will see these advancements scaled up, with the coming period focused on the getting the designs set for the two large pilot installations. These two major outputs will soon feed into the project main result: a Power-to-X Centre of Excellence. The concept of this center is now being formed, in parallel with a high level systems study and technology development roadmap. The unique focus of the E2C project on establishing infrastructure to be used after the project, built upon feedback from a strong network of stakeholders, will result in a lasting impact around the 2 Seas area. The latest results will continue to be reported at various events and workshops that are in the planning, the updated project website, and of course scientific publications.  Update from May 2020: Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak  observer partner and stakeholder event which planned to host  a good number of interesting target groups and speakers from the industrial, research and policy-making community  had to be canceled wich was planned to take place in  March in Rotterdam.  We are already discussing how to make these events possibly online and/or later this year or beginning next year and achieve a good dissemination of our results during this period.  We think that the feedback  from the these groups combined with the expertise of the project  consortium will lead to new investments and market ideas in the E2C region, especially related to our Center of Excellence.



    Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands

    Flemish Institute for Technological Research

    Technical University Delft

    University of Antwerp

    University of Exeter

    University of Lille- 1 sciences and Technologies

    University of Sheffield