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Everybody Counts - Vulnerable People

Priority Axis

Technological and Social Innovation

Specific objective

Social Innovation

Lead partner

Health and Europe Centre


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4 291 352

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2 574 811

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    Common challenge

    Social exclusion is defined as a “process through which individuals or groups are wholly or partially excluded from full participation in the society in which they live” (European Foundation, 1995). 
    Across the 2 Seas area, health/social care providers have become aware of a growing number of socially excluded and vulnerable people whose needs are not recognized/met by current structures & services. Services are often accessed by allocating people a pre-determined “label” e.g. autistic. 
    ENSURE aimed to find ways to support the significant number of people who did not fit these labels - and ended up being passed from one service to another without attaining support, - to be able to access the services they needed. 
    Project partners wanted to rise to the challenge and come up with a simple and effective solution to prevent their situation worsening & causing great cost to them & society. They recognised that services were failing these people and therefore wanted to provide a cost-effective system redesign to tackle vulnerability within communities in the 2 Seas area.


    Main Achievements

    All societies have their vulnerable people, some of whom risk falling through the cracks between health, welfare and social services. Many people, who do not fit pre-established labels within the system, are passed from one service to another without getting the support they need. Others are unable to access support despite meeting the criteria as they find it difficult to navigate health, social care and welfare structures. These are the kinds of people the ENSURE project was supporting via a model to reduce and prevent vulnerability and the gap between people and public services and newly developed training programmes.

    The partnership is proud to have exceeded their target group expectations in all three outputs and to have produced a positive evaluation report that showed the great work that had been done for vulnerable people, peer supporters and professionals. It was also a key learning point for future projects in the field of vulnerability to have adapted the project's evaluation to a more quantitative approach, in order to better engage with all of the target groups concerned. The success of ENSURE has led to proposals for future collaboration within Interreg NWE, Erasmus and other national and regional funding streams.


    I was asked if I would like to do the ENSURE training. I had already decided that I would like to start trying to help people. I enjoyed it immensely and it was very educational. I am now using the ENSURE training in the Touch Base project.

    Lawrence, member of Advocacy for All groups.




    Intergemeentelijke vereniging voor ontwikkeling van het gewest Mechelen en omgeving

    Kent County Council

    HZ University of Applied Sciences

    Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen

    Stichting voor de Haagse Jeugd Clubhuizen De Mussen


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    Theme: Innovative social servicesIntegration and education

    New model with 2 distinct elements: �top down� system redesign & �bottom up� peer supporters

    Type: Method/service
    Target: Social enterprises and non-for-profit organisations


    Theme: Innovative social servicesIntegration and education

    Training programme for peer support volunteers to enable access to services for vulnerable people

    Type: Method/service
    Target: Citizens


    Theme: Innovative social servicesIntegration and education

    Training programme for social/welfare/health professionals to holistically support vulnerable people

    Type: Method/service
    Target: Health institutions