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2 Seas video production is booming

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2 Seas video production is booming

More and more projects are producing videos to demonstrate their activities and results. This news article puts forward a selection of the newest videos out there.

On average, we eat 15 kg of tomatoes per year. This generates a huge amount of green waste. The fresh BioBoost video presents an innovative and fashionable solution.

How can drones help farmers to protect their crops? You can find the answer in the ICAReS video on remote sensing in agriculture.

As consumer awareness for sustainable produce is increasing, growers need to embrace green solutions to help their plants throughout their lifecycle. The Bio4safe video helps you to understand the advantages of biostimulants.

If you look at our TV page, you will understand that there is much more out there to explore. So, please serve yourselves and enjoy the videos. Did you also produce a video about your 2 Seas project? Let us know and we will be more than happy to add it to our website.