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New Interreg 2 Seas website

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New Interreg 2 Seas website

The Interreg 2 Seas Programme partners are very pleased to announce the new Programme website. The new website intends to be an ergonomic tool for all of the Programme's stakeholders.

The "Programme" section provides key information on the 2 Seas principles, objectives, territories and bodies, while the section "Projects" explains more concretely what it is about to set up a 2 Seas project. In this part, all the different steps of the project life cycle are explained and project communication instruments can be downloaded.

The "Cooperation Corner" not only allows project idea promoters to search for partners but also enables organisations interested in a topic, to show their willingness in participating in a project idea.

A French and Dutch version of this website will be published at short notice.

Enjoy exploring these and other sections and feel free to share your impressions and suggestions with us!

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