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Water Resilient Cities: network event

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Water Resilient Cities: network event

The project WRC will organise a network event on 18 April 2018, in Condette, France. The event will include an iLab on added benefits of sustainable drainage systems.

“Improving the ecosystem based capacity of 2 Seas stakeholders to climate change and its associated water related effects”

This is a priority for a number of projects in the 2 Seas region such as SPONGE, SCAPE .... and Water Resilient Cities (WRC).

In response to more frequent and more intense heavy rainfall events, institutions and communities are learning to develop and implement new approaches to drainage. The principles apply in both urban and rural areas, in public and private space, and at a range of scales.

Exchange of experience and expertise is crucial to making the most of the added value of territorial cooperation. WRC aims to promote the retrofitting of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).

Following on the success of the first event in October 2017 (Mechelen, Belgium), this is the second event in a series of Network events to be organised by the Water Resilient Cities (WRC) project.

Sustainable urban drainage (SUDs) not only meet drainage needs, they can also deliver benefits for amenity, biodiversity, air and water quality, and many more. This event will focus on those added benefits and how they can be realised through integrated design.

The day will comprise:

Policy and Innovation - will bring together experts in urban drainage solutions and their wider benefits, stimulating discussion and debate, and setting the context for the active workshop sessions.

Our first WRC iLab – adapting the innovation lab concept to stimulate creativity in urban drainage - will be an exciting opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary team to apply creative thinking to a range of real case studies, including a site visit in Condette. By bringing together municipalities, water agencies, designers, engineers and product developers WRC aims to facilitate a better understanding of the challenges of adaptation and of the new and innovative approaches available for sustainable drainage.

Please register via this Eventbrite page by 3 April 2018.

(Picture: Condette Regional Natural Reserve | photograph provided by Commune de Condette)