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Technological innovation


Sussex University Vehicle Research

Sussex University is a comprehensive university, being ranked between...

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Low-Carbon technologies

Hélène Evrard Henon

Habitat du Littoral

Social Housing Association concerned with sustainability

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Technological innovation

Antoine Manier

Rencontres Audiovisuelles

Cinemas and new images Screenings and Film Literacy specialties :...

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Social innovation


Association des Centres Sociaux de Wattrelos

We are an association (nonprofit/private) gathering three community centres, which is located in the conurbation of Lille (Northern France). We are a community-based organisation that is providing services and developing activities for the benefit of 1900 families living in a multi-ethnic environment : daycare nurseries, parent-child homes, after-school clubs and day camps offering leisure and sports activities to young people, cultural and educational trips for children and disadvantaged families, community counselling and advisory services for local residents, help from social workers, etc. ACSW has also widened its activity in 1983, with the creation of the SSIAD providing home care service for elderly people. Finally, in 2009 the local futsal club joined the association to offer more indoor football activities to the local residents and create positive change through various solidarity initiatives.

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Social innovation


Amiens Métropole

Mainly all topics of the 2 seas programme could be of interest for...

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Efficient use of resources and materials

Annick Vastiau

i-Cleantech Vlaanderen

The i-Cleantech Vlaanderen vzw (E: i-Cleantech Flanders) is a network...

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