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Plymouth Mind is a mental health charity set up in 1984 to serve Plymouth, West Devon and East Cornwall areas; operates its Plymouth Recovery College providing training for those recovering from mental health issues and life challenges. PADMA has delivered many EU projects in the field of social innovation, social economy and supporting disadvantaged learners move closer to the labour market and supporting them once employed. We are registered with EPALE and have a close association with Social Firms Europe CEFEC. We are founder members of the International Mental Health Network and instrumental in setting up an 80+ local netwok of mental health support providers. We have EQUAL ESF, Interreg IVa and Erasmus Plus project experience and keen to explore innovative ways, such as usage of assistive technology in helping disadvantaged learners reach higher educational attainment levels, through systemic change within training organisations so as to be more inclusive and offer more opportunities for learning for disadvantaged and socially excluded learners.

Aanmaakdatum : 31/05/2016

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Plymouth Mind

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Experience in Interreg IVa, Erasmus Plus, ESF and Lifelong Learning programmes. Currently working with the University of Portsmouth on an Interreg Va application and with the Denmark Health and Education Committee on a Horizon 2020 application to be made later this year. We are interested in any and all opportunities for innovation around social inclusion. As a charity, we promote positive mental well being in addition to helping socially excluded recover from life's challenges and acquire a better quality of life. We have recently submitted a KA3 E+ application around the use of inclusive technology to empower disadvantaged learners' access to education, training and volunteering, This takes away the heavy relience on reading and writing, using high levels of visual and oral content within training curricula, using freely available assistive technology. Our current Interreg Va application involves the use of games and APPs to promote economic inclusion for women furthest away from the labour market.

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Interreg IV: IMPRESS - Innovative and Meaningful Post Recruitment Employment Support Service completed March 2015 Interreg V: PONToon - Partnership Opportunities using New Technologies fostering sOcial and ecOnomic inclusioN