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Public Waste Agency of Flanders

Circular economy

Efficient use of resources and materials


OVAM is the government agency responsible for the policy on waste, material management, circular economy, soil contamination and remediation in Flanders and operates under custody of the Flemish Minister of Environment. We have extensive experience with several Interreg and Horizon 2020 projects like CITYCHLOR, R4R, BENEKEMPEN, C2CN, INSPIRATION, URBANREC, REPAIR and FISSAC. Our efforts and ideas to realize a circular economy were recently rewarded by the World Economic Forum with the "Circulars Award" in the category governments, cities and regions.

Aanmaakdatum : 07/09/2016

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Public Waste Agency of Flanders

Stationsstraat 110
2800 Mechelen

Arr. Mechelen

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Regional public authority

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Introduction of circular solutions, stimulating a resource efficient economy, waste minimisation, green public procurement, soil remediation

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