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Regionale Landschappen (Antwerpen)

Adaptation to Climate Change

Efficient use of resources and materials

Social innovation


The four Antwerp Regional Landscapes are a cooperation of four non-profit organizations: De Voorkempen, Rivierenland, Kleine en Grote Nete en Schelde-Durme. They exchange knowledge, good-practices and experience building. They are active between the borders of the Province of Antwerp and pursue an interregional and cross-border approach on multiple themes in the landschape such as nature, heritage, regional identity and recreation. We also work on different scale levels, from small projects to area-based and cross-border projects. The final goal is to strengthen the landscape and the regional identity.

Aanmaakdatum : 22/02/2019

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Regionale Landschappen (Antwerpen)

Schildesteenweg 99
2520 Ranst

Arr. Antwerpen

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Type of actor

Interest groups including NGOs

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Interest to cooperate

1) climate solutions for the landscape, focus on water theme 2) health & nature: outdoor space at healthcare institutions, stimulate exercise through walking paths (no motorized transport)

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Experience in INTERREG project?


Bloc 5


First experience in writing a proposal and contribution for the application InterregEurope, project RFC: Recapture The Fortress Cities. RFC stands for an integrated approach of fortified cities and neighbouring forts in urban regions.