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Social innovation


VIVES University College is a competence-based higher education institiute ,with experience in innovative practical research, and offering services to society. VIVES is a people-oriented university college which concentrates on professionally oriented Bachelor Degrees and Associate Degrees. In doing so the university college ensures that its students contribute to the globalised world both as human beings and as professionals. Vives University College works closely together with the local and regional “enterprises” . Using applied research VIVES wants to provide answers on current needs from local organisations and SME's. VIVES has several Centres of Excellence and research groups. Our goal is to develop practice oriented research, in a collaborative way, linked to our educational purposes, in an either regional, national or international context. Next to that we also support the supply of community services and training programmes, both for profit and social profit organisations.

Aanmaakdatum : 10/05/2016

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VIVES University College

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Higher education and research

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We are particularly interested in Social Innovation. The VIVES Knowledge center of Social Innovation wnats to build partnerships with policy-makers, professionals and volunteers. Through applied research VIVES wants to develop new innovative services in the interest of offering healt care and social care.

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