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Local Energy Communities for the 2 Seas region

Priority Axis

Low Carbon Technologies

Specific objective

Low Carbon Technologies

Lead partner

Intermunicipal Association Leiedal





Project budget

6 803 301

ERDF amount

4 081 980

ERDF rate



    Common challenge

    The role in the energy system of citizens, businesses and all types of energy consumerswill change in short future. Today all EU-member states prepare implementation by 2020 of "Local Energy Communities" (LEC): “an association, a cooperative, a
    partnership, a non-profit organization or other legal entity which is effectively controlled by local shareholders or members, generally value rather than profit-driven, involved in distributed generation and in performing activities of a distribution system operator, supplier or aggregator at local level, including across borders."

    LECs make energy sharing of mid-scale sustainable energy feasible, today it is very difficult.

    New challenges arise: LECs offer the legal and organisational framework fo complex energy arrangements, but the initiation of these new arangements is not secured: businesses, citizens and organisations need to embrace the concept of
    LEC, new organisation models, technical innovations and market services.

    Main Achievements

    The project started up more or less at the same time of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Nothwitstanding this context, partners were eager to create a drive and dynamic both in the pilot cases and on a transnational level. However, the changing context made the start-up more challenging.

    In 2020, the project management (WP5) was set up (initiation stage), regular digital meetings were organised, and the cooperation spirit is achieved. The communication (WP6) also was started up, with a major focus on setting up the website with the required specs to be able to serve the service centre and the knowlegde platform.

    The preparation of the service centre (WP1) took off, lead by PP7. PP7 collected a lot of knowhow on EC's in the 2-Seas region. This was done in good coordination with the knowlegde platform (WP3). The vision of the WP3-lead is to anticipate and start the activities earlier than foreseen to increase the impact. A most visible result were the webinars organised in F, UK, B and NL at the end of 2020, with much more attendants than expected (240). This underlines the need for knowlegde building around EC's - and the high expectations by target groups. Furthermore, the implementation of the EU directives on REC and CEC was closely monitored, and first lobby activities were organised.

    The 8 pilot projects (WP2, WP4) took off. For most pilots, a lot of efforts were needed to secure feasiblity of the investment due to the changing context. An extra investment case in the UK was arranged to meet the requirements of the notification letter. E.g.

    • LP1 concluded that the planned pilot & investment case (business park Evolis) faces too much uncertainties, and focused on finding a more feasible case. 2 alternatives are defined to secure the investment and establishment of an EC.
    • PP3's pilot will be focussed on the extension of the heat network outside the sugar factory site, to allow to set up an EC.
    • PP4 solved state aid issues by modifying its process.
    • PP5 engaged for an investment in the pilot, the essential UK-investment.
    • PP8 is expecting first investments in Feb 2021
    • PP9 Commisioned a contract to deliver a bespoke support programme to establish community energy groups within Essex.
    • PP10 started up only in October due to the Pandemic. Key stakeholder are identified, a Data Trust concept for the Isle of Wight is started to be developed, lobbying for Citizen Energy Community, identifying energy projects.



    The West Flanders Development Agency (POM West Flanders)

    West Flanders Intermunicipal Association

    Department of Real estate development

    West Sussex County Council

    Ghent University

    Center for development of eco-enterprises

    Pas-de-Calais housing

    Essex County Council

    Community Infrastructure Group CIC