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Delivery and reporting

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The delivery and performance of the Programme is depending on those of each of the individual approved projects. That is why the Programme will be closely monitoring how projects quantitatively and qualitatively perform and why there are mechanisms built in to measure project performance at regular basis.

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Annual Progress Report and performance review

The Annual Progress report is the most important moment on which the project reports on its compliance with the performance target. The report should be submitted by 31 January of each year and cover the activities, outputs and results of the previous year. The Joint Secretariat evaluates the report and carries out what is called the performance review. Performance review is a calculation method to compare the cumulative outputs realised to the initial forecast from the Application Form. Underperformance may lead to corrective measures which are detailed in Fact sheet 6 of the Programme Manual.

Delivery and reporting
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Delivery and reporting

Financial claims

Project partners can submit 1 to 4 financial claims per year in which they can declare all costs related to project implementation and management that were budgeted for in the Application Form. There are 4 fixed deadlines to submit a claim and the process is 100% paperless (through the EEP). The totality of the expenditure per partner should be presented to and checked by a previously approved First Level Controller.

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There are several types of deviations, according to the impact they might have on project delivery. A first category contains all deviations that do not change the nature of the project. They can change the ‘how’ of the project but not the ‘what’ and can be evaluated and approved by the Joint Secretariat. A second category contains modifications to the partnership, duration, budget or performance targets of a project and will require the approval of the Monitoring Committee.

You can find more information on the reporting procedures and templates and procedures for deviations in the Programme Manual, Fact sheet 6.

Delivery and reporting